Sunday, August 10, 2008

Air Asia Is Hiring

Anyone want to join Asia Asia as part of their family members as they are now hiring people to join in their big family! I received an email from them saying that they are looking for people to join in the fun and for those who love to travel and have great communication skills, this will be your first step to the career of flying! Eventhough you are not into flying, you cans till join in as they are now hiring a few positions such as Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive, Sales Executive, System Administrator, Revenue Analysts, Flight Attendant, Corporate Blogger Database & Relationship Management Executive. You may find more information on jobs and requirements at

Oh, do I read Corporate Blogger Database??? you think what I am thinking right now?



Anonymous said...

Uh.. I received one too. Checked their website and came up with Corporate Writer and Database & Relationship Management Executive. Two separate posts. Considering applying and change from my current job! Should be fun.

babyfiona said...

anonymous - good for you! Good luck ya :D