Sunday, August 10, 2008

Halle Nano Panty

Have you ever hear about this Halle Nano Panty? Can you believe this if I say that you can wear if for 2 month straight without washing and there will still be no bad smell on it??? Oh my god!

Alright, I believe all the information I saw inside a site regard to this panty:-

* Slims the body naturally and cost effective
* Firms up the buttocks
* Burns excessive fats
* Increases the metabolism
* Removes toxins from body
* Improves blood circulation
* Decreases white discharge
* Prevents haemorrhoid
* Relieves constipation
* Removes foul smell
* Relieves pain in the waist
* Prevents accumulation of germs
* Gives long-lasting effect
* Is comfortable to wear
* Shapes up the body
* Relieves tiredness
But if you ask me if I will ever wear it for 2 months straight to check if it really will not going to have smell on it?? FORGET IT! NO WAY i am going to do that...NO WAY!! Two days is already a NO NO and these 2 months straight? gila-fied!

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