Wednesday, August 20, 2008


For those who watched "Ghost" movie before, I am sure that you will remember the most romantic part when the main actor and actress sitting back to back and the actor was holding and guiding the actress hand making their love pottery. Wow, with the sound effect behind, that was really the most romantic scene that I can still remember until today, of course the last time I watched the movie, it was 10 years back, but I still remember it.

I have always been fascinated on how to actually create a beautiful pottery but at that time, I do not know much about it as not many sites or place that I can actually refer to for the information I needs in order for me to start up with. Well, that was 10 years back but now, I found out AMACO's site that can educate me with all the information inside their website. I learn that AMACO® is one of the leading producer of non-toxic glazes and glaze chalk that is free of lead they know the important of eliminating the possibility of lead poisoning! Other than that, their new range of ACMI glazes is also complying with the guidelines that their products produced are safe to be use for daily usage as normally, the potter will craft or make them into dinnerware.

I think I will starts making my own pottery with the information I get from AMACO and I can stop dreaming right away as I will be fulfilling my dream to make my own pottery! Yes!

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