Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Boring MC Day

Took a day off today because I am not feeling well and it's a rainy day as well. I was actually dressed up and prepared to go to office but suddenly it decided to rain, very heavily some more. Thus no choice, since I already not feeling quite well, I just changed back to my sleep wear and message boss saying I am taking MC for the day.

Was a real boring day for me actually since I am not a one person alone kind of people. I will not go anywhere if I am alone thus, what else I can do? Stay at home of course and sleep for half of the day until 6.00pm. Haha, people worked until 6.00 and I sleep myself until 6.00 pm and wake up just to get something to eat.

I wonder what other people will be doing on their MC day? Sleeping the whole day as well? Or doing anything else, like going out for shopping, go for a movie, well of course unless you are really that sick, I am sure you will not be staying at home mushrooming like what I did today right? I doubt so.

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