Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Superbid Every Wednesday

Anyone aware of the Superbid that having the event from 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm every Wednesday whereby everything from Wii, PSP, TGI Friday worth RM400 will starts from RM 1 up for bid? I was there just now and I think that this is just a gimmick. A gimmick to attract and lure those naive people to bid the products without their own consent.

Why I am saying that when they are the one who CLICK on the BID button?

This is why.

This Wii is selling at RM 1390 in the market and yet, people can actually get it cheaper, way cheaper than the Highest bid price as shown here. And yes, this is not the ending price yet! The bid is will on for another 1 minute ++ so I assume, the last bid price will be around RM 1150. + the shipping charges RM 28.00, then it will became RM 1178.

When the Bid events start, you will only see the RM 1, nobody will actually notice the shipping price, the actually retail price outside, the each bid increment. Right?? The only thing in your mind it to WIN! WIN! WIN and WIN! The moment when you are awake, you will notice that you will be going to pay more instead!

See for yourself.

The bidder have to pay RM 52 for a RM 50 voucher???

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