Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Personalised Blanket

I am thinking to have my own Personalized Photo Blanket as I don't really like the blanket I am having right now. I have a lot of designs and fabrics type for my blanket, but I do not find it comfortable because I do not have the selection to choose what I wants on it. I want something that have the photo or picture that I like!

I want to have Photo Blanket that look like this! See how comfortable and nice feeling that the blanket give to you? One of the main factors I wanted to get my own personalized blanket from visionbedding is because the resolution they offer is as clear as our photo and as precise as our design which mean, what we want, is what we will be getting! Nice right? It will not fade and was away as well, so I do not need to be worry that after 1 or 2 times of washing, the photo or picture will turn into something disgusting.

The super soft 320 thread count is another factor as I will not be sleeping with some gunnysack fabric on top of me! :P

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