Thursday, August 7, 2008

THE "BEST" Hosting Provider Ever!

I damn tulan with one of the hosting company that one of my blog previously under them. I been trying to transfer my domain to be under my name for such a long freaking time and until today, it is still there and everyday just gives me problem.

I don't understand what is wrong with them. They want me to pay for renewal fees for them to initiate the transfer, FINE, I PAID IT. Then after I paid, they said, I can transfer the domain and told me that if anything happen, they will not be liable. FINE.

I paid them money, they at least give me all the details and information right? like the authorization code and others but hell no! I have to ask them then only they give!

Now even worst, they actually locked my domain for renewal, domain transfer, client delete, client update which translate into the meaning of "THEY ARE STILL OWING IT". Damn 9 tulan!

Wasting my time and I had been emailing them to direct contact my new hosting provider so that things can be settle fast as I am not so savvy in this kind of matter. BUT GUESS WHAT? they farking keep on emailing me and never ever cc a copy to my hosting provider even I authorized them to handle this matter for me. You say lar, tulan or not!!! GRRRR!!!!

KNNCCB!!! long time never use this word!!! GGGRRRRR


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