Thursday, August 7, 2008

Toyota Radiator

Did i mentioned my car got banged by one auntie that forget to pull her car hand brake after she parked the car and the car slide down from the slope and hit the side of my car bumper? I am so lucky that apart from the bumper, nothing else need to be repair or change as do you know that toyota Radiator is not cheap at all! I never know that a radiator can be so expensive until yesterday when I went to collect my car from the workshop and I saw the price tag for my car brand's radiator. Oh god, it's nearly half of my monthly pay check!

You know what? All those who stay in US really in good luck because they have, a leading online course for radiators and cooling components offering them the best quality at the lowest price and a lifetime warranty! At least they will not be so heart broken if they need to change their radiator but for me, if anything wrong with my Toyota radiator, I am sure going to cry myself to sleep!

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