Friday, August 15, 2008

Custom Rubber Stamp

I remember last time when I was small, rubber stamp is only use for business purposes but now the usages of rubber stamps are unlimited! Rubber stamps can now use for other purposes such as for book scrapping, crafting for adult and kid as well as card designing. Well, that is the purposes I am using rubber stamps for.

Anyway, I had made a few custom rubber stamps and used it during the event which was held on the month of March but the prices I paid was way too expensive comparing to a site which I just found online. I remember I paid about $8.00 for the custom rubber stamps but what I saw in, they only charged as low as $3.99. Well, you can see the different of the pricing right?

Too bad that I am too far away from the origin of the site as if I order and ask them to send to me all the way, the shipping fees will be much more expensive than the rubber stamps itself but if you are looking forward to make a custom rubber stamp, this site is definitely a worth to visit! Check them out right away since they have just launched a new design on their website.

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Walter Singer said...

Thanks for the great post on custom rubber stamps. I love being able to create my own rubber stamps. Personal rubber stamps just put a little more feel into my artwork. I even use my stamps for things I send to family and friends. Thanks for pointing the way to a great location for customized rubber stamps!