Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unique Clocks

Time is very important for each of the person in this world but for those who think that time is not enough for their everyday use, just by looking at clock will give them a lot of stress. Well, I am one of them. Each and every time I look at the clock, I will have this grumpiness feeling because of the ticking sound the clock made. Each of the ticking sound means I am losing my time one second by one second.

Thus, I am planning to get myself an unique wall clocks which can divert my brain from focusing on the ticking sounds that bring me stress to the interesting parts of the design of the clock, the moving parts of the clock! I am looking at this cat wall clock, a lovable cat clock with long, sophisticated, slender neck and realistic blinking eyes complete with eyelashes. Oh so cute! I think that each time I look at the clock, my eyes will automatically move from the time to the design of the clock itself! I am sure I will!

I really like the design and if I am not getting the Simone cat clock, I will take the Pooch dog clock instead. This cocker spaniel is as good as the Simone cat clock with his mischievous eyes, moving side to side, and his frisky tail. Oh gosh, I am so in love with both of them actually. Maybe I should get both of them and give one to my sister as she is also a fan of unique wall clocks.

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