Friday, August 15, 2008

Envy Bloggers That Have More Blogs

Since my another blog was down few days ago, I been having early sleep 2 days in a row.I can even feel that my stress level is not that high comparing when I am managing 4 blogs at the same time. 4 blogs became 2 blogs but I just concentrate on one blog at this time so I really can feel that the stress level had been cut short.

I really cannot imagine how some of the bloggers can actually handle 20 or maybe more blogs on their own and updating it daily without any help from anyone. Think of it already give me headache!


miche said...

LOL...they are full time bloggers and they don't update each blog daily. :P

jAmEs said...

nvrmind it's time to catch up, i like your article a lot... keep it coming