Friday, August 15, 2008

Shasta Pool, A Dream For Me

It is really a super duper uber hot these days and what I had in my mind the whole day in the office is to jump into a pool full of cold water! The broken air-condition is not helping either and whilst my new colleague keep on complaining that the broken air-condition is practically blowing hot air, I am thinking of Shasta Pools and getting a new air-conditioner to replace the broken one.

I am not the lucky one that can afford a Shasta Pools in my humble house but dreaming of having one is already enough for me for the moment. As the well-experienced pool builders, they can really make our coveted pool come true. Their service came with the greatest quality not only in materials but as well as the way of the construction.

Anyway, a dream is a dream; the most I can get is the public pool that I will need to share with a few thousand peoples who staying at the apartment around us. Not to mention that, I will need to drive all the way to another area of the apartment to use the facilities such as the pool, gym center and others with limited time given as these facilities are meant to be share among all the people who stayed within the area.

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