Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy 51 Merdeka, Malaysia

I having this lazy worm around me that making me darn lazy to do anything. I even close one eye on all the tasks pending which will due in a few hours time. No mood to do it or I may say that I do not have energy to do it at all.

My laptop was down and need to format it because I can not go online, not very sure why, thus my another blog, was stagnant there without any updates. Been around around these few days which drain out all my energy and even office work which I suppose to finished it before tomorrow was still untouched. Sigh! Tomorrow I will need to go back to office and finish it up!What a BIG turn off. People will be celebrating, and yet me, have to go back to office and work my ass off. Well, in this world, nothing we can called as fair. Those people receives high pay and yet no need to do anything, just shake their leg and wait for the pay to come to them. As for me, getting a low pay cheque but work my ass off until no time to even to make love!

Bah!! Merdeka? I don't feel so. This year is the worst.I do not feel any Merdeka mood at all. Even the celebration was not as happening as previous year. This year, all people are focusing on the winning of Anuar at Permatang Pauh. Everyone are waiting for the September 16, 2008 to see what they are going to expect, the good and the bad and some even, taking this opportunities to make sure that their rice bowl will be bigger from this situation. Well, there are gain and pain at the same time when there are people winning and people are losing.
Long story cut short, I just feel like my whole body is breaking up. Not energy, no mood, I can even feel my soul trying to fly out from my body! What is left is only the skeleton, a very tired skeleton.

By the way, for those who still have the mood to shout, Happy 51st Merdeka day to you.

and to Malaysia, Happy 51st Merdeka, hopefully, next year will be a better Malaysia.

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