Sunday, August 31, 2008

Real Annoying Callers!

I really hate it when I am busy at work with lots of paper work and yet someone called me a few times just to sell me the same thing. First time, its alright, I will normally push them away with low voice tone, telling them that I am not interested. Second time, they called me back, asking me again about the same thing, am I considering, I will also said I am not interested, I will call you when I need the services but if they still called me the third time, I will scold and slammed the phone on them because they are not only wasting my time, they are also annoyed me to the maximum which after the phone called, I will left with a very bad mood which normally will effect my work performance on that particular day!

Hate to say, I really hope that I come across this website called In this website, I can easily find and share information about phone numbers used by all those telemarketers or those annoying callers and I can set it into my ID caller so that I will no need to answer their call at all! If I know this site earlier, I will not be wasting my time so much as I can always scan all the numbers that called in before I picking up the phone call. Anyway, now I know such services available, I am sure going to use it or else, I will be wasting much time and as well as effecting my work performance!

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