Thursday, August 21, 2008

Home Business

I been blogging on and off about my plan of doing an online business but until today, I have yet to start it up. One of the main factors is because I do not have much time and even I have time after I reach home, I will be too tired to do anything else except maintaining my blogs. I still have to go and liaise with all the products suppliers before anything even though if I managed to with the layout of my online shopping portal but I can only meet them on Saturday as Sunday they will usually close their shop and not available for business.

I am thinking to get a few categories of products so that I have varieties of products for my visitors to choose from but will be sticking to cater only for girl and women as they are the main buyer on the online shopping business. Check out those blogs and forums, and then you will understand what I mean by that. Anyway, I am thinking to seek help from SEO & PPC Strategic Outsourcing Services to buzz out my business to everyone else so that my business will boom in a very short time but it is still under consideration as I am yet to know if I will have enough money for such services or not. I need to let things happen slowly and the most important right now is to talk to all the suppliers first because no suppliers means no products for me to sell.

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