Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mask Mask Mask

I bought a few new masks! Weee!!

Let me show you how the mask look like as I spent more than RM60 just on these masks. 20 pieces + 1 free which cames together if you buy 2 boxes at the same time.

The dark blue colour mask is called as the Volcano Ash mask to flush out the toxin inside our body, well skin to be exact. I tried it once and I likey like it very much because the very next day, my face do not feel any tightness as well as less oil. The light blue one is called the 9 or 6 cups of water mask for dehydrated skin and the right hand side with a sheep picture on it is called the Sheep Placenta mask. Believe that it help to shrinks the pores and tighten the skin :D

I am going to try the Sheep Placenta Mask today and see what it the result :D

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