Friday, August 1, 2008

Moonlight Resonance

Is a MUST to watch!

Remember Heart Of Greed? Where the family of the well know Abalone seller was divided into two group and was fighting until the stage of separation and went to court? Remember the same actors and actresses? Yes, they are now in Moonlight Resonance with Moon cake businesses! This time even more spicier and even more scenes to watch!!

I am so addicted to this drama right now that I have the urge to go out into every inch of KL city, Selangor and chase all the VCD and DVD peddler for the next episodes! I am now at episode 5 and yikes no episode will be coming out tomorrow! Die!

Have to wait until next Monday. God Help me!

Synopsis of Moonlight Resonance.
Chung Siu Hor and her husband Gam Tai Jo have been working hard for many years to establish a famous reputation for their Moonlight Cake Shop. However, Hor discovers that Jo committed adultery with her best friend Yan Hung and she breaks up with him miserably. Hor brings along her children Gam Wing Ho, Gam Wing Hing, and her adopted daughter Suen Ho Yuet and sets up another cake shop for a living.

Hung moves in to live with Jo and she starts playing tricks in the family. She tries pleasing her mother-in-law Sheh Kwan Lai in every way while disuniting her stepsons and Jo. Outside the family, Hung starts expanding their business rapidly. Hor’s younger sister Chung Siu Sa is displeased. Sa decides to fight for the ownership of their cake shop’s brand name in court with Hung. Their relationship with Hung further deteriorates.

Apart from the cake shop business, Hor also spends a lot of efforts on her children. Her oldest son Gam Wing Ga is not interested in managing the cake shop at all and he indulges himself on stock trading. He also develops an entangling relationship with his cousin Lo Ga Mei and Yuet at the same time. On the other hand, Hor’s younger son Wing Ho takes up the role of a father in the family and he works hard all of the time to earn a living. Wing Ho loves his childhood friend Chau whole-heartedly, but Chau is in love with the doctor Ling Chi Shun.

Hor works hard unconditionally to strive for the well being of her family members. Hung, on the other hand, is a very mean person who values her own benefits only. Jo is caught between the two women all of the time and he feels helpless. One day, a disaster happens at the cake shop. Here comes a time when human nature, family bonds, and love are brought to a trail…

Forgot to mention.. go Mushiemoshiu for the download! :P

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