Friday, August 1, 2008

Nothing Much To Do.. casino will be the best place for me as I got nothing to do right now. Just finished episode 5 of Moonlight Resonance and episode 9 of When A Dog Love A Cat and now waiting for episode 10 to be finish in around half and hour. My Dinner Dash game is still stagnant there going nowhere at the Baseball stadium and no, no mood to play that at the moment as I know that I will not be able to pass the level that easily.

Well, since I got nothing else to do, I am going to catch up with the USA online casinos and check out what they can offer me. I heard that the bonuses are real big and I really love this site as I cam compare all the Best Online Casinos side by side while thinking which one to choose and play. But too bad, as all the online casinos accepting players based in the US. Wonder if they accept those who is outside from US or not. Let me go and check it up first!

But this site is a real good site for those US player as the site will automatically those online casinos that stops accepting US players from the list! Nice system! I like it!

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