Sunday, August 10, 2008

Niece Full Moon :D

My sister having headache for the pass few days due to her baby full moon day which was suppose to be held yesterday but due to some problem, this big event will be postponed to the coming Wednesday. I have tried to help her up for all the necessary arrangement such as the full moon gift to be send out to all friends and relative but those prayer stuffs and hair shedding ceremony, she will need to handle it herself or ask her MIL to help her up.

While my eldest sister was busy with the preparation of the Full Moon party, my second sister has been asking me on what to buy for our first niece. To tell you the truth, I myself also do not know! I am thinking to get her a toddler bed which look like below:-

but since me and my second sister will be sharing half - half on the expenses, she said that it is not so practical at the moment due to our niece is too small and my elder sister will not have so much space for such a big bed. Anyway, this bed I found in a website while I am browsing around the world wide web looking for baby shower gifts and I found out that is a very good site for those who looking for new ideas or gifts for baby shower!

Well, since we can not think of what to buy for our niece, I went and bought a gold wristlet! :p


EliteVillain said...

gxgx leh full moon....does the party comes with a full moon cake too? :P

babyfiona said...

elitevillain - eh, no woh hehe