Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No Junk Food Again For Me

It is not a good thing staying at home alone because I tend to snack on all the junk food whenever I got nothing good to do or nobody to talk to. This is what normally happen to me when I am home alone and sitting in front of my laptop trying to ease my boredom. Just like yesterday, before I go back, I went to the shop behind and bought a few pack of junk food and also soft drink and guess what, I felt bloated the whole morning afterward. -____-".

So, now I am trying to find some healthy snack bars and stock them up so that I will not pig on those junk snacks which is full of salt, sugar and everything that does not bring any good to my body.

Anyone of you heard about Promax before? They claimed they have the best protein bars and best tasting protein par. I wonder if I will be able to gulp their bar in or not because I am a very fussy person. I will not put something which does not taste good into my mouth but anyway, I heard from my friend that she tried it before and she said that she love it because she actually skip her lunch and dinner and just take the Promax Bar as replacement. What good is that she never feel hungry at all! Hmmm.. I should give it a try since my friend also give Promax a thumb up.

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