Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shopping Online The Best Way

I don't like to leave my car to someone that I do not really know for a day or two because each time the car came back to me, there will be stain on the car seats! I really have them but I can not do anything because I will need to leave the car to the repair man or the service man for car maintenance and service. The last time was for the change of the bumper after my car was banged by the auntie who left her car unattended without pulling up the hand brake.

Anyway, since my car seats have quite a numbers of stain on it, I decided to look for a replacement. I found out ShopWiki.com is the best place so far because it is a revolutionizes online shopping since that it can finds every single store on the internet by crawling just like that Google does.

Upon searching, I found a very nice baby car seat carrier for my new niece!! So cute and so adorable which I did not see it on other shopping sites. So nice and the price is affordable as well! So now, I am trying to do my budgeting cause I might be buying 2 sets of baby car seat carrier for my niece and my nephew from ShopWiki.

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Anonymous said...

im scare to order something online..sorta dont haf trust i would say hehe..

specially cloths and shoppin item for maself..i rather see n feel it first hehe.. but car seat wouldnt be that hard right? :P