Sunday, September 21, 2008

Best Laptop - Toshiba

I am missing my Toshiba laptop so much that I dream about it yesterday night. My this kind of new laptop from Acer was really nothing compared with my previous Toshiba. Do you know why? Hate to say it but, my Acer are giving me problems now. Even on the first few months of using it, the system was a little bit corrupted which resulted that I have to manually shut the system down every time I wanted to shut down the laptop and now, after formatted it, the problem gone away but the screen started to flickering..every time when I am watching my favourite drama, Moonlight Resonance...

You know what? I might be getting a new Toshiba laptop from an online site. I saw a new Toshiba laptop that will going to cost me around 3K but I think it will worth it since I know the quality of Toshiba brand compared with others brand. Not only that after the price comparison, I still think that Toshiba will be the best choice.

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You might want to consider a lenovo notebook said...

You know I have had 3 Lenovo (IBM) and I don't think I would move to a different laptop -- always be problem free