Thursday, September 25, 2008

Caller Identifier

Get some missed call but never know who they are? Feeling irritated with the call keep on coming in and when you call them back, nobody pick up the call? I know how it's feel because once in a blue moon, I also received such calls and you know what? I will usually use the Caller Identifier and check who the hell keep on leaving me missed calls. Just a very simple checking, key in the number and the site will show if there is any record / comments that was left by some of the receiver who also got the same call from the same number. Well, by this you will know that nothing important from the number that keep on appearing on your mobile. Not only that, you can also leave down your comment on that particular number and let others to read all about it :D

1 comment:

Jayce said...

I also don't like no ID show like 'withheld' on my SE phone. :(