Thursday, September 25, 2008

God! Its A Thursday!

Good Morning everyone! These few days I been waking up quite early but I just do not know why.
It seem so naturally open the eyes and jump out from the bed.

Eager to go for work? I don't think so. Maybe because I have so much thing inside my brain that it set the alarm asking me to wake up and rush to office to settle all the stuffs before anything.

Hopefully I will be staying awake the whole day and not like yesterday, uber busy and uber sleepy!

Oh! I saw a DBKL staff yesterday gave a summon to an owner who have a plate bearing the title of "mahkamah rayuan" as the owner parked the car in a way blocking the road. A BIG SALUTE to the DBKL staff. Kekekeke. I wonder what the onwer of the car will react when he saw the park summon!

Happy Day ahead for everyone! Thanks God its a Thursday!

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