Monday, September 29, 2008

Debt Collector Calling Everyday!

I hate it so much as these few days, there was one or two calls who called in looking for one of my ex-colleague. When asked them what it was about, they told me that they are from the Debt Collection company.Damn! My this ex-colleague used the company name and address as the contact details when he went to apply for his personal loan and now after his resignation more than a year ago, the debt collector knocking on our door asking for money! I hate it, so hate it!

I just wonder, at the first place, how come the financial institutions accept the company name and address when they submit the application. Everyone knows that nobody will be staying at the same company for like eons years! So if they resign, of course they will not be able to be contacted so easily and thus, who is the one have to face all these debt collector? Me! Me! and Me!!

It's been more than 2 weeks and every day without fail, one or two calls will be asking for my this ex-colleague! If I was free all the time, then it was alright, but they normally called when I am at the peek of the mountain! Sigh! Wasting lots of my time to answer their question as well as entertain them.

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