Monday, September 29, 2008

Soccer Goals - Safety Is A Must

Oh my god! Did you read the news about the death of a young child due to his head entangled in the net of a soccer goal? I heard that about 190,000 of some brands folding soccer goals were recalled on Tuesday, after the death of a young boy aged 20 month when he was strangled when his head and arm become entangled in the net of one of the recalled goals.

You see, for young child, first thing if you wanted to buy them a soccer goals, you must make sure of their safety measurement. Do not simply buy Soccer Goals just because they are 50% or even 70% cheaper than other reputable brands. Just because of the little bit of saving, you will be going to regret the rest of your life.

For me, I will rather spend more and get the Franklin® soccer goal that can be used for children's games and practice. The soccer goal is easily assembles with precision fit couplings and locking pins and have the safety measurement test before they putting it on the shelves but anyway for those children younger than 4 years old, a guidance around while they are having fun is actually preferred.

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