Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The End Of TVB Download...

This is what I saw today and you know what, without HDzone, it will be the end of all the TVB drama download. Mean no more The Four and no more Last One Standing. No more download, so where you will be going? Subscribe to Astro? or go for the TVB rental shop to stop your addiction? I am sure that there are lot of people who are now addicted to the TVB drama, The Four which is so hot right now.

We have received a notice from (Television Broadcasts Limited, commonly known as “TVB”), which demand us to immediately shut down the all the sections that allow member to upload and download TVB copyrighted works, delete all links of files and torrents on the Website which contain all TVB copyrighted works. This include TVB series, TVB variety show and all other TVB copyrighted works.

Luckily I have finished watching Moonlight Resonance, if not I think I will be screaming right now!

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