Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vehicle Reimbursement

I think all the companies shall take the policy with the Vehicle reimbursement program for their mobile staff since those who are in the sales lines will need to travel everyday or even every single minutes. As you all know, those who are into sales lines, they will need to fork out double or maybe triple of the amount of money for the petrol as well as for their car maintenance. Thus, I think each and every companies should have the policy of reimbursement as it is not only good for the company but also for the staff too.

I just can not imagine that if I were need to travel everyday to work and does not have any mileage allowance, I am sure that I will throw the resignation letter in less than a month as I am sure that my pay will not be able to cover for the traveling expenses. Anyway, I am lucky enough because I can reach my workplace in less than 5 minute if I am driving or I can even opt for walking which took me around 15 minutes so, even with the increase of our petrol price now, its does not really effect me since I can choose not to drive.

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