Monday, September 8, 2008

Not A Monday Blue After All..

Today was really a rush for me. Was chased by the Taiwan agent, have to settle the pending bunting, admin ticket, have to do the proposal which my boss need it by tomorrow as need to send it all the way to Jakarta, a new proposal, some manuals which need to be send out before this month ( well, it still sit there and waiting for me to send them out), this that, up, down, above, below and etc etc etc.

I am sure that no one will have so much works to do on such a lazy Monday! Actually I can't really recall today is a Monday as my times flies like nobody business and I only managed to went down and buy back my lunch at around 3 pm and finished up eating at 4 pm as I have to answer some calls from the client in between my meal.

I am becoming like the octopus again, with only 2 hands but need to work like I am having 8!

Sigh! Sigh & Sigh!

Well, at least today is not a MONDAY BLUEZ for me but it is a real BUSY MONDAY!

Between Monday Blues and Busy Monday, I still prefer Monday Blues, at least I can have my nap in between or maybe play some games when I am half way to the moon.

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