Thursday, October 2, 2008

Batting Gloves

I am searching for some batting gloves design for my nephew since these few days, he seem to be having interesting on the baseball game after the game we watched during the weekend. He told me that he wished to have a personal batting gloves for himself and that the batting glove that the players are wearing was really pretty. He told me a few times until I kind of feel agitated with his whining about having one but since that he is so nice, as he shared his ice cream with me, which he normally will not, then I will get it for him.

I am known that I am a little bit soft heart-ed. Just because he whines about what he saw and what he likes, this aunt already started to look around for the things that he wanted! But what can I do, I only have one nephew which is older enough to whine about anything as his brother is too young to whine yet. LOL!

Anyway, I found a few designs that are suitable for him. Hopefully he will like it and will not complain about anything. If not, I will have to make the hassle and change for another design.

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