Friday, October 3, 2008

Uniform Collection

I remember when I was young around the age of 13 or 14 years old, I always like to see all my senior wearing their girl guide uniform. But at that time, I did not join in the girl guide association as I am involves in sport activities and most of the time, it will clashes with the time of where the girl guide will be having their gathering. Too bad right?

Since that I could not join them and I was so into their uniform, I started to buy those uniforms for my own collection. Just for the sake of having it! At the moment, I have more than 50 different design of uniform. From the girl guides, scout, police to NFL Uniforms, I have all of them. You name it I have it. Guess what, I just saw a NFL uniform full set selling at 39.99 only! It was such a bargain!! How am I going to resist from buying it? So I order through online and will be getting it soon!

Oh by the way, I am also looking for a nurse uniform, a full nurse uniform to add into my collection. Hopefully I can get a new set since I do not favour those used one.

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