Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friend? Nah!

LOL! Its funny when thinking back some of the memories which a lady commented on how my wedding album look ugly while her are even worst!

Sometimes, I guess people just can not seem to accept the fact that they are the loser. Well, let them be. A loser is always a loser. Nothing in this world can change that.

I am more than happy to be alone than have so called friend such as that! :D


miche said... people comment wedding photo ugly??? tak berhati perut langsung.

actually arh, when i first got my wedding photo, they are the most beautiful piece i've seen. now, when i see them, errmmmm, eerrrmmm, why not so pretty anymore????


babyfiona said...

yawoh got ppl like that one..somemore u never see her one..kekekeke

eh, same case ler..when I see mine now, it was like..ehhem ehhem when first time in my hand the time, LOL!