Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ranting Time

No wonder no opp since 2 weeks they are getting strict as they require you to have a non paid interim for every post they giving to you. Not only that, if they happen to read your blog which is piled up with every single paid post, then you can say goodbye to them almost instantly as they won't be coming back to you any more.. No assignment, means no money, no money, I can starts to eat shit.

Well, I guess I might need to take up the offer from Citibank on their credit card or standard chartered on their personal loan. So weird as they suddenly called me on my mobile. Well, I guess because of the transaction that I made for hubby and thus my home bank sell off my contact details as they are as hungry as well. Talk about such thing in the world..all is monetary based.


janicepa said...

so bad meh ???

babyfiona said... the market really like shit ler...

even bank also sold my info to other banks...

u say bad or not..