Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Finally the event is over and lucky that I am now at home resting myself. At first I thought that I will need to work during Deepavali but really lucky I managed to pack all my stuff yesterday night. If not, I will need to be at PWTC at 9 in the morning on Deepavali...

Been feeling real tired for the past few days since I been working non stop for more than a week, which including the weeks of Hari Raya and no resting until today! Phew! Finally I have a day off.

And guess what, I already notified my boss about the decision and I know that he is having ht headache right now but what to do, I need to be a little bit selfish until next year.

Anyway for those who celebrate Deepavali, Happy Deepavali and me, I am going to celebrate mine by being a pig! Kekeke

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