Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Gift

Christmas will be here again in less than a month. I have started to shop around for some gifts for family members, relatives and friends that are really friend to me. Not those Hi and Bye friends definitely. It's was good that Christmas arrive in less than a month as I been waiting for a rest for such a long time. I wanted to enjoy and feel the holiday season with my loved one, and away from the workload and the stress in the office.

I am thinking to get a new set of Baseball glove for my nephew to replace his old one, which I think I bought him on the last Christmas but I don't think that he will going to like it since he already have 2 pair of Baseball Gloves which are also gift from me to him. LOL.

Apart from that, he also have some baseball equipment from kidsportsinc as I always buy his holiday presents from this website as they offer a great selection and also an affordable price baseball related items.

I don't know as I have yet to make any decision or I might get him a new PSP that he been asking for but that will be too expensive for me.

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