Thursday, November 27, 2008

Super Fai Chai On the Run!

Fai Chai! That is the most appropriate name to call someone who only know how to fix his own problem. No I should have say, he don't even know how to fix his own problem and yet creating problems to other peoples! Fark!

Give me nonsense answer and I guess its all came out from his peanut brain again. How the fark, he can actually ask the boss to issue a cheque without an invoice? WTF and guess what I am the Sh*t hole that need to bear with the shit load now. Where the hell I am going to get an invoice back dated a year ago????!!!! I think the account side of the invoice issuer will also open big their mouth if I call them and ask them to send me a copy.

And guess what, the Fai Chai, pretend is not his fault. Non of his farking business and happilly playing his farking snooker game in the office!

So, do you feel the Pinch? Then I guess, this is the post for you!


shuhow said...

i wanna Fa chai too,,let me strike a Jackpot once!!

babyfiona said...

Shuhow - this fai chai is not the same meaning as fa chai (become rich) ler..this fai chai means useless people in cantonese.. -____-"