Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dumb In Microsoft Words

He is the second guy that do not know how to use Microsoft words. How can someone who borned after the year of 80's do know how to use the computer? or the basic fundamental of the pc? If you were telling me that you do not how to operate Illustrator or Photoshop or maybe Microsoft Access, I can understand but Microsoft Words? You must be kidding me! And yet your sales Manager wanted you to operate the Illustrator. That will be the biggest joke of the year!

OMG lar, if you can not operate Words and do not have the initiatives to have some exploration, then you can kiss goodbye to Illustrator. I will not be going over to your place 100 times a day just to teach you the simple thing of using the Words and not to mentioned Illustrator! Duh! No free meal in this world kid! Move your lazy butt and google the things that you need to know. Very simple, with Google you can be a genius. No joke, even if this is a joke, I am sure that it will not surpass the winner of the year. right?

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