Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Way To Save

With the current economy situation, people starts to spend wisely. I know a few people had already started to cut back on their spending pattern and be frugal about whatever they buy.

As for me, since I do not have much money to spend, I will normally get the alternative whereby like eyeglasses, I will go for ZenniOptical where I can get stylish prescription glasses online from just $8 onward. Trying imaging, without Zenni, last time I spend more than $200 just to get a prescription glasses on the local optician nearby and that was not really those stylish type. Is because that I do not have much choices due to budget constrain, then I have to buy the glasses.

Now with ZenniOptical, I can have huge selection of frames that I likes, maybe add on vision lens or sunsensor, tint it or bifocal or progressive lens. That are all that I can choose from and yet the price will not even hit the amount that I paid for my previous glasses. One thing good with ZenniOptical is that they sell theur own manufactured frames direct to the end user with nobody in the middle to raise up the pricing, thus we the user can enjoy and save at the same time.

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