Friday, November 28, 2008

Hi Bye Friend

Someone just asked me, where he can get some nice NFL Jerseys for his children. I think its a little bit weird and odd since he can actually key in the words in the big Google word and press the search which will bring he lots and lots of result on that words he is looking for. Maybe somebody are just being plain lazy and wanted a short cut to his problem. Anyway, I did not answer him on his question. Let him figure it himself, I been a very nice person for too long and I think enough is enough.

I hate the fact that people are treating me like a resources place whereby they can get whatever they wanted from me, and then just give me a goodbye. I hate such kind of peoples and yes, they take me for granted as long as I know.

Those who treated me nice, of course I will treat them back the same way they treat me, but for those who just came into my life, say a few thing, take something from me, and then give me a short "bye" I wish, I will not be seeing them in the future and also my next life as well.

Oh by the way, to the person who asked me where to get some nice NFL Jerseys, come pay me, and I will tell you where to get it from. LOL

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