Friday, November 28, 2008

Removing Unwanted Stuff

I must starts to make way inside my living room for the "extra". So me and hubby are now planning to sell off all his aquarium tanks as well as the stands so that we will have a bigger space in our living room. I am thinking of changing the old stupid box to the new pop up tv so that it will not take a big space in the living room as you know that old tv has the back thing that protrude out from their back and normally takes a lot of space, not to mentioned the stand as well.

Not only that, the room next to our bedroom will be converted and of course we will starts to pack up all those unwanted things and will be donated to the needy. Hopefully we will not be lazy bum and can go ahead with our planning because the "extra" is here.

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Anonymous said...

sorry been time since I visited.. welcome the "extra"!! :-)