Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yummy Popcorn

Whenever I am at the cinema to catch up the latest movie, I tend to order a large popcorn and a large drink to go together with it. I am those person that can not go without popcorn especially when I am enjoying my movie but then again, I am very choosy in term of the quality as well as how long have the popcorn been popped! One bite and that is what I need to know the freshness of the popcorn that was sold to me.

Thus whenever I order popcorn gift basket for my friends or relatives, I will be sure that I taste it first before I send them as a gift. No way I will allowing those not fresh or even bad quality popcorn to be sent to my loved one! When I was in Texas few years ago, the best brand that I always went to is the Mom and Popcorn Company at Downtown Texas Mckinney. They have around 45 different flavours to choose from and I almost tasted all of them but too bad, that they do not have their branch here or not, I guess every single holiday or special occassion, they will be receiving popcorn as their gift. LOL!

But do you think they will send the gift basket all the way to here? I wondering as its been so long I never taste any of their best popcorn.

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