Saturday, November 1, 2008

Free Images For Bloggers

For those blogger that likes to add in images or pictures in each and every post they write, I am sure that they will like this site that I just found out. At Acobox, they supply free images for bloggers and what the blogger need to do is only register which need less than 5 minutes of your precious time, verified the links and then starts using it without much trouble.

As for myself, I like to add in images so that my post will not be so dull, but due to the fact that, using other people's images without their consent, it will eventually bring trouble to me and the worst is that if the images is not suppose to be use publicly, then I will risk being sue by the owner thus, as you can see, nowadays, I try not to add in so much images in my post but that will be last thing in my mind right now as with Acobox, all the images are free for use! You will no need to worry about the license of the images as this will be settle by Acobox. What you need to do is only blog, add in images and post and WOILA! A new post with nice and beautiful images!

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