Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby KIKO Warehouse Sale Part 1

I am so broke! I need someone to give me some Car Allowance for this month as I am so broke! I spend more than one hundred ringgit on something that I do not need and yes I am broke right now. Terribly broke!

I dragged my hubby to the KiKo baby warehouse sale that I posted here a few days ago during my lunch hour. I purposely quickly finished up my work so that I can go for the sale and grab what ever that I can get there but oh my god, when I reached there, its totally different from what I thought...I thought the place will be large and lots of products displayed but I am so disappointed when I saw the clothing there are all the same. :(. No wonder so cheap as there are not much selection. All the clothing are the also the same.. But then again, I spent more than 100 ringgit there..just for a few set of baby clothing..

And now I am so broke..anyone care to sponsor me, or maybe buy me lunch or dinner until the end of the month or maybe a little help on the car allowance? :P

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