Friday, December 5, 2008

Baby KIKO Warehouse Sale Part 2

And these are what I brought from the sales!

Lots and lots of baby clothing but none is for me. LOL
Most of them will go to my nephew and niece!

All these amounting to RM 120 but when you buy over a certain amount, they will give you another rebate depending on how much you bought which means, the more you buy, the more they will rebate it for you. So I only paid Rm 85.00 for all these clothing and I am darn tired with the hot air, bad ventilation in the small room with lots of pregnant mommies, not pregnant mommies, one or two daddy that are willing to sacrificed their prayer time and lunch time to grab a few clothing for their toddlers.


miche said...

i tot all these are for ur coming newborn! i hv not shop anything for mine.

babyfiona said...

miche - hehe no ler, the size are too big for my junior. :D