Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back From Kuantan Trip!

I am back and I just finished checking the new auto insurance quotes from one of the agent that left me a private message on a forum. Well, I can say that the offer is not bad, just that I do not have the intention to change my existing policy now as I am those people who does not like troublesome thing. I prefer to wait until nearer to the expiry date only make the changes rather to have to do it now.

Oh god, I am so tired! As what I said just now, I just got back from Kuantan trip whereby, its a total disaster as two days in a row, the rain did not even stop for 5 minutes! Which mean, its been raining back to back from Saturday morning until a moment ago until I reached Kuala Lumpur and yes, its also raining here! Sigh!

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