Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gift Cards

My birthday was last month and guess what, I like the gift that hubby gave to me, but then again, I have another things inside my mind. I wonder why he does not want to give me some gift cards so that I can get the things that I wanted instead of he gave me something which I find it not so practical for me. I know he is such a sweetie as he can actually remember my birthday but I rather choose the things that I wanted that have another additional gift where I do not need it.

Maybe he heard some of the rumors on retailers starts to rejects the gift cards but I think he must have gotten the wrong message from the media as what I know is that gift cards are still the most famous and preferred gift for holiday. Like myself, I prefer to receives gift cards because I can get what I want and the money will not be wasted at all. Both party will be happy and so does the retailers!

Well, according to the survey done by Blackhawk Network, the largest third party distributor of gift cards and creator of Gift Card Mall, it was found that 70% feel that gift cards are a useful gift since the recipient can get what he/she wants. Two-thirds (66%) think that by purchasing a gift card, they are assured their money is not wasted on a gift that someone will not like or use. More than ½ (54%) feel that they would rather give a gift card than cash. And many consumers still plan on buying gift cards this holiday (58%) – especially women (62%.)

Well, I am 100% sure of this as I am one of the fans for gift cards!

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