Thursday, December 11, 2008

No Mood For Anything At All

I am so broke that I have to cancel the vacation rentals that I booked for the coming Christmas holiday. No money, no mood and no whatsoever to go for any holiday anymore. How I wish that we can find the burglars and slits their throat open! Took the jewellries is alright, took the money is alright but why the hell, they took my laptop!! I got so many documents inside and it's belong to my company and now I will have to redo all the work of more than 1 years ago or maybe longer time!
Shit! I am so angry and mad right now but can not do anything as we are still waiting for our n$eighbour to pass their captured cctv to us so that we can pass it to the police and wait them to do their works! sigh!

1 comment:

EliteVillain said...

walao sorry to hear this Fiona....Hope the poloce can do their work and caught the buglar....