Thursday, December 11, 2008

House Broken In

Went to check up yesterday and waited there from 9 am to 12.30pm before my turn and by the time we finished, we headed back to house and was shocked to see that the front door was open! I was like WTF! Why the hell the front door is open??

And Peekabo looked like she was just waking up from a long sleep because she looked so blur and seem like she been in dream land for quite a long time.

I rushed into the house and he first time I saw gone is my laptop. WFT!! My laptop gone and its not mine! its belong to the company and f*ck, I have'nt do any backup yet!! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

The next time, I heard hubby said, F*ck, my camera gone! F*ck! Philip (a friend who stays over) camera gone and there are so many F*ck here and F*ck there. I was shocked and gone up slowly to the rooms and well, nothing surprising, all the valuable was gone. Those jewelleries that we hide under neath the bed (which was so inside) was also gone. The a**hole burglar must be f*cking smart as they can actually get the jewellries from that place so in that even I myself, could'nt reach it without the help of a long stick. And I really wonder how the hell they actually get the things inside under neath the bed without moving the bed at all. AND HOW THE HELL THEY KNOW THERE ARE SOMETHING UNDERNEATH???!! F8CKING SMART!

These f*cker was in by 11.33am and out from the house at 11.46 am which took them 13 minutes to ransacked my whole house with all the valuable gone. What the most f*cking is that, they bring my laptop along and left another 2 laptops here! F8cking a**hole!. Sigh!

Estimated lost was around 70K altogether or even more...
I am so broke, so F*CKING BROKE!


miche said...

so sorry to hear this. there must be a few of them to get all done within a short period of time.

btw, i think it is common for people to hide their valuable inside the bed!

babyfiona said...

miche - ya, 4 fella in a vios black colour, Captured by neighbour staying opposite..

If you see my bed, you will be surprised how they can actually get the things beneath it..I myself, throw in the things inside, was unable to take them out unless we take off the whole matress off from the frame itself (which we have 2 smalls single matress underneath the very heavy king size bed on the top)...