Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Millions Warned Not To Use Internet Explorer After Chinese fraudsters use security flaw to hijack computers

Alamak! and I am using Internet Explorer right now! -_____-" Luckily that all the password I keyed just now got nothing to do with my bank account, paypal account or whatsoever important account.

I think for safety wise, I whould switch to Fire Fox right away. So are you using Internet Explorer right now?
More than two million computers worldwide have been infected because of a major security flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser, the software giant admitted today. ecurity experts urged people to switch to rival browsers such as Firefox, Opera or Safari, until the bug has been fixed. The problem, first revealed last week, allows criminals to take over computers and steal passwords if the user visits an infected website. As many as 10,000 sites have already been compromised to take advantage of the flaw, according to anti-virus software producer Trend Micro.
So far the websites, which are mostly Chinese, have been used to steal computer game passwords which can be sold on the black market.Hackers can secure up to £9,000 for these passwords from fanatical gamers. But Trend Micro security researcher Paul Ferguson confirmed there were major concerns that the problem could be exploited by 'more financially motivated criminals for more serious mayhem'.

Yay, better switch to other web browser before anything happen..

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pisang goreng 115,NF said...

thats why I use firefox only...
and I urge my family to use Firefox too