Wednesday, January 14, 2009

3rd Time..

Don't know why, but I think bad luck really do not want to go off around me. One month back, my house got broken in and after one month, its my office turn and this time, Not that I lost anything but my boss lost his laptop... which mean 2 laptops gone in a month. The funny thing is that, his laptop also bearing the same Corporate Branding, Acer and now I am sure that this Acer company really know how to do their branding well as all the burglar and thief likes to steal this laptop brand!!

According to my boss who was the first person who reached the scene which is the office, the thief came from the roof of the office from next door and then broke one of the ceiling and came down from the store room. Luckily thing that I did not leave anything back inside the office as this is not the first time the office was broken in. All together, this was the 3rd time! I still can remember, the 1st time was in year 2005, right after an event, then year 2006, few days before Chinese New Year and now, the 3rd time and hopefully the last, also a week before Chinese New Year!

Such a bad luck for a new year! Sigh!

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